Best Pizza In Austin: The Guide to Top 15 Places!

Best Pizza Places In Austin
February 26, 2021 | By Iris Garrett | Top Places

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Whether it’s a family night, a date, a movie night, or a picnic snack, pizzas are a staple for many meals and snacks. Like a princess kissing frogs to get to the prince, getting your go-to pizza joint can be quite the journey.

If you find your place, you will travel to the ends of the world for a taste. If the taste and rate method seem tiresome, here is our foolproof list of the best pizza in Austin Top 15 places.

1. Via 313 Pizza - Rainey Street

Craving that stringy cheese, perfect sauce and a variety of topping that are already making your mouth water?

Then pick up your phone and order in from Via 313, a pizzeria that is quickly becoming a staple in the Austin pizza scene. They have two trucks and three physical eateries where you can indulge in anything from the classic pepperoni to the controversial Hawaiian.

Whatever area of Austin you are in, we can assure you there is a Via 313 just close by (on Rainey St Austin TX). A well-deserved spot on the best pizza in Austin List.

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2. Pieous

It might be all the way out in West Austin but once you have had a taste of the pizza, you will have a renewed energy to make the trip often. They have some insanely delicious varieties. In for some spice?

Their House on Fire Pizza consists of spicy onions and tomato sauce, salami calabrese, and a generous sprinkle of chili flakes. Tired of store-bought pastrami? You're in luck because these guys make their own from scratch. If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to love their selection of pies.

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3. DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana

Whether in North Shoal Creek or downtown, DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana will welcome you to a taste of Italy with their scrumptious variety of pizzas and pies. Located on Burnet Rd Austin TX

Feast on some of the best pizza in Austin, Neapolitan style pies or taste some Italian cheeses by ordering online from their website or drop by the restaurant that has just reopened for dining in experiences. Pizza delivery Austin services include this quaint place.

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4. East Side Pies

Let's talk about some great cookies and even greater pizza, courtesy of East Side Pies. This joint has some unique pizza combos, including their fan-favorite the Half Nelson. The pizza features a pesto sauce base with jerk chicken and a healthy amount of cheese. New to this joint, your taste buds are going to relish their Moon Dingo Pie and the Homer.

The thin crusts are a signature for their pizzas, ensuring a delicate but delicious balance of flavors and textures. They have limited dining and are available for online orders.

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5. 40 North

Something about good food and a good atmosphere can transport you to a different world. At 40 North, the ambiance will make you feel like you are in a European cafe street as you savor the taste of their famed Dandelion. Have you ever considered pickles on pizza? Well, they have and their Spicy Pickled Pizza is a culinary revelation you did not know you needed. Some might call it an acquired taste but I can assure you it is one of the best pizza in Austin.

Their selection of pizzas ranges from traditional flavors to a creative mix of pizza toppings. They have closed their indoor dining but online orders are still functional. If you are around the area, stop by and have a bit at their outdoor dining area.

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6. Dough Boys

Dough Boys has been operation for two months but has managed to create a buzz both online and offline as a go-to Austin pizza spot. Call your friends and drop by the Arbor Food Park for a Neapolitan experience like no other. The taste of Austin comes to life with their Eastside Trip, a pizza that features oyster mushrooms, garlic cream, and very smoky mozzarella. The Italian pizza oven delivers on a crispy but bubbly crust, a culinary delight.

Got some space for the side dish? Squeeze in their in-house queso that will redeem any bad Tex-Mex you've had before. You can make an order at the truck or pre-order online for a pick-up.

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7. Bufalina

If you thought fine dining and pizza do not mix, then you have not had pizza at Bufalina Due. This high-end establishment is undoubtedly one of the best pizza in Austin places. In case you have ever seen the intricacy involved in handcrafting a piece of art, assume the same but on dough, sauce, and toppings.

Even though they serve Neapolitan pizzas, the uniqueness in the flavor combinations is the fine line between random pizza and intricate cuisine. The Garden Pie is an explosion of flavors as a bite will have you experience coconut, fennel, corn, and squash at the same time. Explore the menu for other combinations as you order online or make a reservation.

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8. The Backspace

There is thin crust pizza and there is The Backspace thin crust pizza. Thin crust pizzas are often a gamble as some become so dry, they border on weaponry. Not in this case though. The Backspace has made a name for itself as the queen of thin AND fluffy crusts.

You have probably had a Bianca pizza but you have not had it in the style of The Backspace. While maintaining the traditional white pie with a truckload of cheese, they have incorporated lemon and arugula. The result? No tummy aches!

They are available for limited dining and take out depending on your preference.

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9. Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

Also known as the ABGB, this is one of the family-friendly breweries and pizza in Austin. This neighborhood favorite in South Austin has carved a name for itself as a go-to pizza in Austin. The brewery might be part of it but it is really the pizzas that are to die for. Apart from loving their creatively topped pizzas, the locals love the place because all their ingredients are sourced locally.

There are some action-packed choices, like one containing pistachio pesto, black garlic, taleggio, Brussel sprouts, garlic, and two kinds of cheese style pizza. If you are hanging out with your adult friends, how about washing it down with one of their crafted beers? If you like beer this is definitely a must on a list of the best pizza in Austin

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10. Home Slice Pizza

The taste of New York meets Austin in pizza comes served on a platter at Home Slice pizza. Fifteen years after they first opened the doors, they have been making some of the best New York-style pie in flavor. The aroma from the place will lure you into pizza heaven. Greasy goodness is served atop the pepperoni and mushroom.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Try out the White Clam Pizza that is full of garlic and chopped-up clam. Both locations are open for takeout but you have to order online.

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11. Tony C's

One authentic thing about pizza is the wood fire oven, and Tony C's Coal Fired Pizza in Austin is the place to try it out.

There are two ways to go about their famed prosciutto style pizza, either take the goat cheese and arugula option or try the pepperoni option.

Either road will end up in the land of both culinary and tummy fulfillment with wood fired pizza. Finish it off with a lemon gelato for a tangy but sweet and mouth-melting ending.

The restaurant is open for limited dine-in and take-out.

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12. Pinthouse Pizza

Electric Jellyfish IPA sounds like the name of a badass rock band but it's a crafted beer at the Pinthouse Pizza. The Austin pizza place incorporates home-crafted beers into the menu of already unique combinations. Have you ever tasted pears cooked in honey and blue cheese on a pizza? I bet not. Catering to both vegan and non-vegan tastes, drop by after that yoga session because everyone deserves a guilty treat once in a while.
The restaurant is open for limited dining and online orders as well.

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13. Phantasma Kitchen

Chef Tim Lane heads up this kitchen that is famed for its charred edge but fluffy dished pizza style. Having worked for years professionally, you can taste the experience on the rich dough or the in-house mozzarella. The flavor list is endless with anything from extreme heat to subtle vegetables pumped with umami ness. It remains open for a socially distanced dining experience.

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14. Little Deli & Pizzeria

For those old souls who have related the past with a taste or want to introduce their generations into an old favorite, this is the place. Having been open for three decades, the restaurant is a staple in the pizza in Austin scene.

Their hand-tossed pizza has had people coming back for more than thirty years. Their rollatini has become one authentic taste of Austin.

They remain open for dining, though in limited seating and online takeaway orders.

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15. Jester King Brewery

Imagine a great hike on a sprawling 165-acre piece of land and then settling down for some great pizza and cool beers. Sounds like a plan?

Then head over to the Jester King Brewery and experience a pizzeria and brewery unlike any other. Select from a rich menu for readymade or par-made pizza. Their country store also sells ingredients from the kitchen and sourdough kits with recipes for a homemade Jester experience.

Each of these restaurants is unique in its own way and in order to draw up this list, we have taken a culinary journey that some of our tummies have paid for, so you don't have to. Before dressing up to go on a date at any of the restaurants, make a call to see if they are open.

Some of them have had to close down or reduce dining space. Order online from any near you to support their businesses and keep them alive. The pizza delivery Austin scene has many apps you can make an order through. Maintain social distance, sanitize often, and enjoy some pizza!

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