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Here at OpenShops, our primary focus is on:

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Looking for the top 10 places to eat? For your local HomeDepot store? Or anything local in your neighborhood? Well, you came to the right place! We have developed an easy to use Geo-Spatial Search to show business listing near you depending on your current interest and location. 

Also, you will find lots of useful information on top places in your area handpicked by our authors as well as buyer’s guides to top products lists.

For business owners, we have a section on how to approach business and marketing services overviews, reviews, and recommendations. 

OpenShops Team

Matthew Dunn

Did you say Funnels, Email Outreach, or Facebook Ads? 🙂 Matt is very much into marketing, he is the go-to guy when you are looking for marketing ideas, whereas it’s for your online store, blog, or local business. Matt’s baseline fundamentals: Be patient, get to know your niche and your customer, log and analyze data to get real results.

Iris Garrett

Are you looking for the best ice cream shop in your area? Iris most likely will have a handful selection of shops for you to pick from. She is very much into the local thing and loves researching local stuff. She is also amazing in product research and buyer’s guide writing.

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