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April 15, 2022 | By Iris Garrett | Top Places

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There are various pizza places in the Tampa Bay region, and it could feel like a huge gamble to pick the correct one. Whether you are craving a thin, crunchy slice of New York style pizza or a large deep dish of a saucy Chicago style delectability, this list of the best pizza in Tampa is guaranteed to have space for you.

We combed the city, selecting only the best in every pizza type and the best Tampa ambiance for you. Are you in a hurry? Grab a fast pizza at one of these classic counter-service pizzerias. Do you want to unwind? Sit down at a table with a glass of wine and order your pizza. Here are ten spots where you can get the best pizza in Tampa;

1. Eddie & Sam's NY Pizza

Eddie and Sam New York Pizza were among the best-rated pizza places in Tampa Bay. Since 1998 the establishment has been feeding the residents and visitors with its delicious pies made of New York water.

While the café first opened its operations in Tampa Bay in 1998, the founders have been in the field since 1982. The broad, foldable pieces of standard New York style pizza are distinguished by their thick, tasty crust, thanks to the minerals in the water used by the restaurant to produce the dough. Eddie and Sam import the New York waters to deliver their pizza to the Florida family.

The amazing Sicilian slice highlights this Tampa treasure's pizza encounter. This slice is produced using pizza dough that has been fermented for 4-5 hours. The freshly baked crust is topped with a handmade Sicilian sauce and whole milk mozzarella cheese

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2. Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Grimaldi's is a pizza spot that has won more honors than most pizza places in the state and has seen more celebrities visiting to enjoy the services. The restaurant delivers classic pizza as it originated in Naples, Italy.

It uses only the finest ingredients, including a "secret recipe" pizza sauce, handmade mozzarella cheese, and dough to achieve quality. The water is believed to be the secret to authentic New York style pizza.

Grimaldi's could be what you're looking for if you seek a change from the vast chain of pizzerias. This award-winning restaurant, situated strategically in Tampa's Westshore Mall among shopping and the business sector, is great for lunch, dinner, or a romantic date night.

The water is thought to be the secret to authentic New York style pizza. Grimaldi also believes in this, appointing a chemist to evaluate and replicate the nutrient levels and exact composition of the water used in the pizzeria to guarantee the pizza dough is authentic.

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3. New York New York Pizza

New York New York Pizza is wonderfully positioned in the middle of the Ybor City entertainment zone, Tampa Bay. It is a famous late-night slice location after a night at the clubs.

There is a simple walk-up window for people on their way home. They have a reasonably broad menu that includes chicken wings, salads, Italian-subs, and pasta meals made from scratch.

However, most visitors come for the pizza, which is made in the traditional New York-style. Most people say it's great, with a thin and crispy crust and a plethora of topping options. The place is recommended for pizza because while visiting Tampa's heritage neighborhood, Ybor City, the spot is a famous destination for a hot, fresh slice. Additionally, even when ordering by the piece, there is often a wide variety of toppings.

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4. Santoro's Pizzeria

Santoro's Pizzeria along W Cass Street is among the hottest pizza places in the Tampa Bay region, with a perfect pizza menu. When Travis proudly opened Santoro's doors to the world, a surge of eager pizza lovers came in, occupying the handcrafted benches with excitement. By the end of the first month, the restaurant had already attracted several customers.

The Santoro team has gone to great lengths to bring the best of the northern coastlines to the Bay. Zeppoles and Philadelphia Water Ice are two of these classics, nostalgic treats. For those unaware of either, zeppoles are deep-fried dough balls dusted with powdered sugar.

In contrast, Philadelphia Water Ice refers to a local Italian ice brand famed for its rich, fruity flavors. I prefer the mango; therefore, I will recommend it to first-timers seeking something sweet to cleanse their palate after a pizza.

Similarly, Santoro's serves cannolis and a Nutella pizza, all of which respect New Jersey's predominantly Italian history.

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5. Tampa Pizza Company

Tampa Pizza Company is located in Downtown Tampa's North Franklin Street Historic District, immediately across the street from the scenic Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. It has taken all of the well-known classic characteristics of a pizzeria into the twenty-first century by delivering excellent vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free coal-fired pizza alongside regular pies.

The restaurant prepares Italian pizza with fresh ingredients and seasonings. They make each pie at a time and take pleasure in providing healthy versions of America's favorite foods. While pizza is the primary course, they also offer a number of appetizers, sandwiches, and other treats.

Likewise, the pizza spot offers all-natural soft drinks, beers, and wines as beverages. This spot, housed in a modern atmosphere, invites people together to enjoy delicious best pizza. They are made with traditional Italian ingredients and healthy substitutes for a special diet.

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6. Viva Napoli

Viva Napoli is a family owned restaurant famous for its delicious cuisine and wine. The founder relocated from Napoli, Italy, to give Tampa Bay a glimpse of Neapolitan culture. She maintains the heritage of Neapolitan food delegated through the centuries in a kitchen influenced by her Grandparents' pizzeria.

The Viva Napoli kitchen relies heavily on imported Italian ingredients to achieve the originality of Neapolitan food. The kitchen's focal point, a massive wood-fired oven, was handcrafted in Naples from the legendary "biscotto di Sorrento" stone to cook Neapolitan-style pizza flawlessly. Pizzas made with Italian flour have a soft crust and gorgeous airy pockets that give a wonderful crunch.

True Italian products, such as cheeses and herbs, and sausages imported from Naples, provide unmistakable characteristics to each dish. Enjoy the rich tastes that evoke Italy's passion.

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7. Fabrica Pizza

Fabrica Pizza, located in Downtown Tampa's Channel District and within easy reach of the iconic Florida Aquarium, serves exquisite Neapolitan pizza in a modern setting with plenty of comfortable patios. Choose one of Fabrica's classics, such as the polpette pesto, or design your best pizza, but save space for their delectable Nutella pizza for dessert. Similarly, Fabrica has a wide range of beers and wines on tap, so sample them all with your pizza.

Fabrica Pizza is rooted in tradition while being driven by innovation. The meeting point of authenticity, quality, modernism, and convenience is to offer a contemporary Italian fast-casual delight. It is a place where tradition is preserved, ingredients are acknowledged, and diners' tastes are recognized. The menu is built around Neapolitan pizza, but salads, sandwiches, snacks, and desserts, are all served in a quick, made-to-order format.

The spot welcomes all customers to take a peek into the kitchen and enjoy the best pizza in Tampa at an affordable price, whether dining in or carrying out, stopping by for a glass of wine and a snack or a full dinner.

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8. Hampton Station

Hampton Station Pizzeria in Old Seminole Heights delivers excellent meals and should be on your list of destinations if you look for the most incredible pizza in Tampa Bay. The place offers delicious New York-style pizza and an extensive selection of craft brews and live music.

The atmosphere is fantastic, offers best pizza, it's dog-friendly, with a wide selection of drinks and excellent service. However, you should know that the place accommodates adults only, and children are not allowed to access the facility. Adults want a place to unwind, and this is the best place. Everyone you encounter, including the staff, are friendly.

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9. Gourmet Pizza Company

This is the town's most creative family owned pizza joint. That's not to say Gourmet Pizza is incredibly costly, that bookings are required, or that there is a dress code to follow; it just means that the pizza you receive is fascinating and outstanding. There is a focus on crafting unique pies that are fresh, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and healthy.

A Cajun crawfish pizza, a southwestern pizza, and several vegan options are highlighted. The spot is between downtown and Dale Mabry Highway near the SoHo neighborhood, so ensure you pay attention to your routes or have them delivered by making and ordering online.

Gourmet Pizza is a unique pizzeria that stresses natural produce and innovative toppings. Gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian pies are available for those on specific diets.

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10. Cappy's Pizzeria

Cappy's is a well-known and award-winning pizza place established in Tampa. There are five branches in the region, but the South Tampa Bay restaurant (3200 W to Bay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629) is the classic and remains a fan favorite. Cappy's is all about pizza, the only items on the menu aside from a few appetizers and calzones.

We do thin crust New York style great, but it's a deep-dish destination in Chicago. It's as if you went into a pizza parlor across the street from Wrigley Field. The doughy crust is topped with mozzarella initially, then sauce. Any deep-dish enthusiast will inform you that is how it's made. Expect nothing ordinary in terms of toppings, but all the usual standbys are present. Likewise, beer and wine are served.

Cappys is one of Tampa's best pizza establishments; try their deep-dish pie for a true Chicago experience. Locals enthuse the large Greek salads topped with house-made potato salad and dressing and loaded with feta, kalamata olives, and pepperoncini.

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The Italians are a traditional immigrant population in Tampa. They first arrived in Ybor City to work in the cigar manufacturers. They brought their ideas, culture, and, most importantly, their cuisine. Similarly, New Yorkers came in and established roots here, and Tampa Bay began to produce truly superb pizzas.

Because the New Yorkers had a head start, the New York style crust is used by many of the most popular pizza places in Tampa. However, when it comes to pizza in Tampa, New York does not have a monopoly. Some Chicago immigrants are still producing their renowned deep-dish pies throughout town.

Cappys rank the best pizza place on my list because of its vast menu. Additionally, local media has rated it the finest pizza in Tampa numerous times. If you assess a place’s greatness by the value of its pizza, you’ll find Tampa to be of exceptionally high quality, and you’ll leave feeling satisfied and full.

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